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Expert in EU Funding Master Programme

Master Programme "Expert in EU Funding Programmes" (MEFFE)

Director: Professor Federico Casolari

The MA Programme aims at training professionals involved in the elaboration and management of EU funded projectsfor public entities or private undertakings, as an employee or an independent professional.

The participants will study the monitoring process, the selection phase, the drafting of the proposal in the context of different EU funding programmes, and the managementevaluation and reporting of the financed projects. Amongst the various competences and skills developed: elaborate a research-plan; networking; organize and favor agreements and synergies; establish institutional relations, also with other EU countries and with the EU institutions.

The duration of the MA Programme is 1 year (16 January – 11 December 2020). It comprises 15 courses (150 hours of frontal lectures) and 25 hours of seminars (16 January – 14 June 2020), Wednesday (14h - 19h) and Friday (9h - 14h)).

The teaching staff will be supported by experts who will offer the necessary operational perspective to the participants. Moreover, case-studies will be discussed in class with a view to stimulate the interaction between the latter and the teaching staff.

The regular lectures will be followed by a compulsory free training stage of the duration of 500 hours at partner organizations operating in the public and private sectors.



  1. EU institutions and direct financing
  2. Structural Funds, State Aids, FEAGA
  3. The role of public entities: drafting, submission and selection in Italy
  4. Horizon 2020 and Other actions related to H2020
  5. Business Plan and Cases studies
  6. Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020: funding opportunities for SMEs and microfinance
  7. EU project design: drafting techniques and methods 2
  8. Funding opportunities in the field of Environmental protection and "Green economy" (LIFE 2014-2020)
  9. Europe for citizens: partnership and networking
  10. EU project design: drafting techniques and methods
  11. Innovative Start-up and European Tenders
  12. EU Intellectual property law: industrial leadership and competitive environments
  13. Budget and reporting
  14. Fiscal aspects of European funding programmes
  15. The fight against fraud and the protection of the financial interest of the EU


European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Course: 60 ECTS

Stage: 20 ECTS

Final test: 5 ECTS


Admission requirements

  • university degree, regardless of the area of specialization. For those who have completed their studies in Italy: L-Laurea in tutte le classi; LM - Laurea Magistrale in tutte le classi; LMCU - Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico in tutte le classi; LS - Laurea Specialistica in tutte le classi; LQ - Laurea quadriennale in tutte le classi. For those who have completed their studies abroad: admission will granted on a case by case basis
  • excellent knowledge of English
  • excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office


Number of participants

Min 17 – Max 30


Other information

Language: Italian

Deadline for enrolment: 05/11/2019

Registration: from 20/11/2019 to 06/12/2019

Attendance required: 80%

The lectures will be held at the School of Law of the University of Bologna

Tuition fee: 3.100,00 EUR (first installment: 2.000,00 EUR; second installment: 1.100,00 EUR)