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Ph.D. Programme in European Law

Ph.D. Programme in European Law

Coordinator: Prof. Claudia Golino


Duration: 3 years

Course language: Italian, English and French

International Ph.D.: minimum period of six months of educational living abroad is required for European citizens


Curricula: European Union Law; European Market Law


Fields of research

The teaching program of the European Union Law curriculum includes the examination of legal issues related to the European integration process. The different fields of research within the curriculum concern:

  • The general principles of European law;
  • The institutional profiles of European law;
  • The fundamental rights of European law and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights;
  • The European citizenship;
  • The internal market and other policies of the European Union;
  • The EU’s external relations.


The European Market Law curriculum’s educational programme focuses on analyzing the legal and economic issues related to regulation and economic policies within the countries belonging to the European Union, with particular reference to the study and analysis of companies, markets and competition, industry, economic development and structural change. The main research topics covered by the curriculum therefore consist of:

  • European economic law;
  • Public and private regulation of the European market;
  • Legal and economic policies related to the market and companies, with particular reference to the economic monetary and banking union;
  • European policies for growth and development, with particular reference to the promotion of innovative processes;
  • Policies aimed at supporting company internationalization processes, with particular regard to “emerging powers”, in connection to those geared towards smart urban/regional development;
  • Policies and regulatory instruments aimed at promoting processes of sustainability in companies and in particular their environmental innovations.


Ph.D traning programme

See sheet attached "Ph.D. training programme".


Employment prospects

The Ph.D. Programme in European Law offers an interdisciplinary education that will provide a variety of employment prospects. Ph.D. postgraduates in “European Law” could carry out functions that require specialized skills in the fields of economics and law, assuming positions of responsibility within public and private study and research centers. A Ph.D. postgraduate in “European Law” will possess the skills required to carry out, among others, the following activities:

  • Research in the field of law and/or economics both from a theoretical and empirical point of view, in universities, research institutions and law firms and economic analyses at a European or international level;
  • Employment in Union institutions, bodies and offices and in national and supranational public bodies, or in private institutions;
  • Consultancy services for public bodies, individuals and companies both as an employee and a freelancer.


Ph.D. eligibility criteria

Candidates are admitted to the selection if they hold the following academic titles:

  • diploma di laurea (vecchio ordinamento);
  • diploma di laurea specialistica/magistrale;
  • comparable academic title awarded abroad, already declared equivalent to the abovementioned titles by Italian authorities.

Graduands can also submit appications provided that they obtain the degree by the courses starting date


Thesis assigned

Ph.D. thesis can be consulted subject to authorisation of Ph.D. postgraduates.

List of Ph.D. thesis assigned.


Seminars' cycle on "Recent developments of the case-law of the European Court of Justice"

Among the activities of the Doctoral Programme, a series of seminars focused on the recent case-law of the Europea Court of Justice is organised.