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FARB - Feasibility Study

Feasibility study "The principles of equality and non-discrimination in the European Union"




The research programme FARB - Funding for Basic Research has been established in 2012 by the University of Bologna (Unibo) to improve the basic research via a competitive and differentiated tool. In particular, the Line 1 "Feasibility Studies" has been established to help the aggregation between Unibo researchers in order to draft feasibility studies with a multidisciplinary character and an international dimension, which shall explore the feasibility (from a financial and scientific perspective) of research projects to be submitted via national and international funding instruments.


Aim of the feasibility study:

The Study aims at assessing both the status and legal implications of the EU principles of equality and non discrimination. In particular, the analysis will be conducted in light of the several recent developments at normative and jurisprudential level in order to assess whether such principles may be considered as general principles of EU law, and are thus able to pose the legal basis of a EU anti-discrimination law applicable for all grounds of discrimination. The Study results, an the related networking activity, should allow Unibo researchers to draft a more articulated research project on the EU anti-discrimination law to be submitted within the framework of EU funding programmes (namwly, Jean Monnet Action, ERC grants, Horizon 2020 programme).


The EU anti-discrimination policy plays today a strategic role. Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, the principle of equality before the law and the prohibition of discrimination, as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, have gained the rank of primary law. The Study will analyse first such recent developments at the normative level. It will consider then the most recent case law of the European Court of Justice of the European Union, which has interpreted the relevant primary-law provisions in a (rather) cryptic way. Finally, the Study will consider the impact of the migration flows on the European societies, and the related development of a common European policy implying coherent measures to fight against discriminations.


FARB Conference "The Principle of Equality in EU Law" (18-19 May 2015)

FARB Seminar "The principle of Equality in the European Union" (6 e 7 luglio 2016)


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