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Crowd-Fund-Port Interreg

Central European Crowd-funding Support (CROWD-FUND-PORT)

Project Number - CE755


Responsible: Prof. Federico Casolari




Crowdfunding minimizes business risk-taking and increases entrepreneurship mind-set, which is why an unused crowdfunding potential represents a huge challenge especially in the Eastern parts of central European countries.

CROWD-FUND-PORT aims thus to improve skills and competences of all relevant stakeholder groups to prepare them for taking advantage of the crowdfunding phenomena. Change will be visible in improved financial conditions for start-ups fostering innovation, employment and social stability in the region.

The Project focus will be on economically weaker businesses with fewer opportunities, who do not have access to bank loans, but who would be able to start business ideas through crowdfunding.

Outputs and results of the Project will benefit crowdfunding platform operators as well as small and medium sized enterprises by increasing their competences. Crowdfunding investors will profit from increased safety by a better understanding of benefits and risks and policy makers will gain increased decision-making competences.

The Project is developed through a Network of 11 partners, under the lead of the Institute for comprehensive development solutions (Ptuj, Slovenia). C.I.R.D.E. researchers will monitor the EU regulatory legal framework applicable in subiecta materia and assess the consistency of the legal solutions adopted in the municipal legal orders of the European countries involved in the research.